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Science based

Everything we deliver is based on research in diversity science. We treat every organization as a unique society where we apply statistical and qualitative approaches to reveal how your business leads and manages diversity. As we often say: Just because something is true for a study done in Pennsylvania doesn't mean it's applicable to your department in Yorkshire.

Groundbreaking technology

We supply a digital platform enabling you to observe relevant data connected to diversity at all levels of your organization, as well as gap-analysis for the whole setup.

We also offer more advanced statistical analyses that precisely show how diversity affects well-being at work, motivation, number of days in sick leave or other parameters you might wish to explore. This means that we enable seeing concrete correlates between diversity and its value to the organization.

Implementation and advisory

Based on the analysis of your organization, we also support your work in creating accurate roadmaps for improvements for working with diversity. Our goal is to see you succeed in including diversity in your organization, as well as connecting the diversity among your employees to value creation. In this context we offer both advisory services, for those wanting to do most of the actual work in-house, or a more involved partnership where we help with the actual delivery of organizational augmentations.

Discover a revolution in working with connecting diversity to value creation.

For the first time there are reliable, data driven and precise tools to structure the work with diversity in organizations to achieve concrete goals.


Our digital platform

Our platform provides you with access to analyses based on survey data. Here you can assess what diversity means to your organization and whether or not you are succeeding in bringing out its potential.

The platform also enables you to produce descriptive reports that form the foundation for measures that will further advance working with diversity.


Focus module: Advanced statistics

Normally we see that organizations wish to explore various relationships in data gathered through the Diversity Index survey. Our Focus module provides a series of algorithms that reveal how diversity is connected to parameters such as well-being at work, motivation and experienced meaning - all based on validated psychometric tools.

It's also possible to add performance data, such as number of days sick leave, bonuses, earnings and so on. This enables organizations to even more accurately assess how diversity is connected to value creation.


Development of your organization and leadership

After assessment of your organization through our analysis tools, we can move on to support you with implementing correct measures. Usually, this means finding out what the "story behind the numbers" is and mapping out relevant gaps in detail.

We can then move to designing a proper plan that both includes people in the organization as well as processes/systems. We care about providing you with predictability and being a supportive partner on your journey to connecting diversity to value creation.

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