Seema supports organisations in including diversity among employees in order to improve value creation. Diversity Index is the tool used by Seema to develop precise measures to achieve this in cooperation with our customers.

The value of diversity has been made apparent through several publicly available reports, but these are often imprecise and too general to be of use for individual organizations. Even though research clearly indicates that it is possible that diversity can lead to better results, it doesn't mean that this is always the case. Whether diversity adds something positive is a complicated and complex question that requires advanced tools to answer.

The Diversity Index accurately reveals the relationships between diversity in organizations and relevant performance parameters. And, of course, what the organization should work on to become more mature and thus improve. It is about finding "the truth" about one's business and build on this to advance. Our approach is very far from glossy reports, cliché overly quoted research and individual success stories. What we offer instead is proper analysis and change with respect for what is unique about those we are working with.

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