Most organizations we partner up with are interested in finding out how diversity specifically affects performance parameters. In this context we use both intersectionality (the number of ways one feels different) as well as one's general experience of feeling different as input variables. These are then connected to performance variables such as well-being at work, motivation, sense of meaning at work, number of days in sick leave, bonuses and/or whatever the individual organization finds relevant.

What is important to understand here is that diversity does not directly influence performance. In other words: Increasing or decreasing diversity does not automatically lead to changes in results. Instead, the input variables measuring diversity influence performance through the maturity variables mapped out with the Diversity Index survey. So, when we generally ask whether or not diversity leads to better value creation for organizations, the true answer is "well, it depends". And we can find out what exactly it depends on in your particular organization.

In our experience this is what most organizations have already found out when working with this topic: The increase in quality of results does not happen automatically. Diversity must be managed based on systematic efforts, insights into the diversity composition in one's organization and knowledge of empirical findings in diversity science.

The analyses from the Focus module are of such complexity that we always recommend following up these with workshops where we explain everything in adequate detail. What is done in this process is based on algorithms and advanced statistics that for most are rather difficult to fully grasp without some increase in skill and theoretical knowledge. At the same time: It is somewhat naive to think that the vast body of knowledge known as diversity science is easy to comprehend and work with. The Focus module offers real insight when it comes to the relationship between diversity and value creation, but it comes at the cost of having to make an effort for all stakeholders involved. However, making this effort also then enables making business cases and concrete plans to improve performance parameters of your choice.

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