Few, if any, organizations start a process of analysis and revision without an intention of working actively with diversity. It may even be that you've already started working on measures, based on a feeling of it being the right thing to do, because of rules and regulations, or because you wish to leverage potential positive effects that have been touted in both media and business reports.

Most often, an organization does not possess the kind of demanding expertise that working with diversity requires. Diversity science is a field intersecting other scientific endeavors such as social psychology, anthropology/social anthropology, sociology, philosophy (especially ethics), law, computer science, statistics and economy. To name but a few. In addition, you might get into more specific subfields depending on what is important/unique to the organization.

Naturally, one cannot take working with diversity lightly. When one wishes to improve in an organization, it should be the result of clear and concrete plans, repeated analyses and an approach built on insight into what one wishes to accomplish. We would prefer to be part of this process as early as possible to help avoid spending considerable resources on measures that might not lead to desired effects. Or, even worse, measures that might lead to negative effects.

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